WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- It's a jaw dropping reality backed by numbers that trumps the rest of the country.

After a 21-day period last year and 2,500 arrests later, the study from the Office of National Drug Control Policy concludes that 12 percent of men arrested in Washington were high on a drug called PCP.

"Off the charts," saidChris Baumann, the President of the D.C. Police Union, "It's not just that we are the highest in the country, but I think everyone needs to take a look at that and understand that we have a serious problem here in D.C." He says PCP is making a comeback in the District and it's returning with fierce speed.

He said, "This is a dangerous drug drug that does terrible things. It is a public safety risk and we need to grapple with that right away."

People under the effects of this drug often times act bizarre, and become combative. In a YouTube video, you can see a man believed to be on a PCP high is naked and hops onto a police car before being arrested. Then, there was the scene in Prince George's County, just miles away from the District when another naked man on a fire truck refused to come down.

He eventually did come down and was tasered by the police.

Nike Hamilton is a clinical director at Aquila Recovery in Washington and she described the effects of the drug that is quickly running the streets of Washington.

"It's been called love boat. It's been used in waves along with crack cocaine, but it's surfaced so far in the millennium as the drug of choice in the district," Hamilton says.

The accessibility of the drug is what gives way to this widespread use, she says, "It's not very expensive, and it's one of the downsides of the effects of the economic conditions in the district."

Several other major cities in the U.S. were also examined for the study.