SURPRISE, Ariz. - A 3-year-old girl died Monday after being trapped under a dresser early Sunday morning.

According to a spokesperson for Surprise police, the girl, named Layney, died from the injuries she sustained in the tragic incident that happened.

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A spokesperson with the Surprise Fire Department, says the child was crawling on top of the dresser when it fell.

"[My girlfriend] found the dresser on top of her," said Layney's father, Mark Brooks. "All you could see was her legs sticking out. That vision just keeps playing in my head.”

Police say it is unknown how long she was under the dresser, and the family was doing CPR upon their arrival.

The girl was transported to a local hospital where she later died.

Police investigating the cause of the incident say there are no criminal charges warranted.

"I would say not only to parents but to anybody. If you have a house, if you have an apartment. anywhere wherever your domain is and you have furniture, anchor it," Brooks told 12 News. "Just make sure you house is safe and ready to have any size child in the house."

The family is collecting funeral costs on a GoFundMe page.