Age is nothing but a number to Redskins' backup QB Colt McCoy.

He may be in his early 30's but he has old school soul.

As our own Darren Haynes took a look inside McCoy's locker, we were also able to get an inside look at exactly who is the Redskins' backup quarterback.

From the very beginning we see that he likes to have a neat space.

But that can be a little difficult being next to teammate Trent Williams, who seems like he could be on an episode of Hoarders.

How many people have items from 7th grade that they still use almost every day as an adult? What about clothing that can still fit?

In McCoy's locker, the first thing you will find is his old school helmet that he's had since the 7th grade.

That's right, the 7th grade!

"It fits me right. It feels right, and I think I look good in it too." McCoy tells Haynes.

Not only has he kept his helmet but he also writes in notebooks.

This wouldn't be such a big deal maybe 10 or 15 years ago when people were still skeptical of computers.

However now, it seems a little ancient.

File folders are also ancient, which is another check for the old school QB.

When asked about computers, McCoy said his wife is the only one that owns a computer in the home.

Can you believe that?

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So what else can you find in his locker?

Since he's a Texas guy, so you can for sure find some Texas memorabilia present, and photos of his two daughters that remind him of why he plays.

Like with other cribs we've taken a look at, there seem to be at least one thing that doesn't belong.

We all know how cold it gets in the District, and I'm sure Colt does too.

So where are his long sleeve shirts?

Oh yea, he doesn't wear any. He likes some "freedom".