WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We're getting a look at a giant portrait of soil and sand on the National Mall.

Artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada has spent weeks using soil and sand to create the portrait "Out Of Many, One" on the six acres between the World War II and Lincoln memorials. The project involves approximately 2,000 tons of sand, 800 tons of soil, 10,000 wooden pegs and miles of string, say representatives for the Trust for the National Mall.

Rodriguez-Gerada has done similar portraits all over the world, including a woman in Amsterdam and President Obama on a beach in Barcelona. For his first U.S. landscape, Gerada is creating a portrait made up of the faces of dozens of young men he photographed this summer on the National Mall.

PHOTOS: Out of Many, One on the Mall (http://on.wusa9.com/1mQSLcg)

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According to the Trust for the National Mall, "The temporary art installation, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in partnership with the Trust and NPS, will serve as an interactive walk-through experience for visitors. It will be viewable from the top of the newly reopened Washington Monument and as far away as outer space."

The portrait will stay until the end of October. Then, the soil and sand will be tilled back into the ground.

PHOTOS: Jorge Rodriguez Gerada sand portraits