Hello from CES 2017! This year I am the only reporter that we know of who has made it inside the World's Largest Electronic Expo 48 hours early.

My goal is to bring you the best bargains we've tested and that you can enjoy right now - at their lowest recorded prices. All companies today have lowered their prices in honor of the Consumer Electronics Show.

To continue on for our CES 2017 journey, be sure to check back tomorrow. I also expect some upcoming drone deals and some incredible smartphone surprises. Follow Matt from CES 2017.

Tech Deal #1: The most incredible LOUD home audio system we've ever tested is under $50

$50 Off Incredibly Thin Wireless Streaming System + Free Shipping
Was: $100.00
Now: $49.99
***To lower price on one unit, at check-out, ENTER CODE: CES20174

Why? This system assaulted our senses. Visually, the size and style is spectacular, and the audio produced by this re-chargeable and USB-powered loud speaker can replace a sound bar or stereo. Bluetooth, beauty and the price drop for CES makes this one of the best deals we've ever seen.

Tech Deal #2: The most affordable key-less smart lock you control with your phone!

$90 Off LockSmart Keyless Encrypted Smart Lock + Free Shipping
Was: $149.99
Now: $59.99
***Weather proof and lasts two years on a single charge!!!!

Why? Control the lock and give access to whomever you chose from your smartphone! Compatible with both Apple and Android, we had this system working in under a minute. Top of the line security encryption and an incredibly low price makes this one of the smartest locks we've ever tested.

Tech Deal #3: Turn your phone into a virtual reality gaming spot for under $50

$61 Off VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality For Apple & Android + Free Shipping
Was: $111.09
Now: $49.99
***Since this is a new CES product, shipping times will vary.

Why? Never has it been easier or more cost-effective to enter a 3D world. Simply download the free apps of your choice that work with Apple and Android, pop in your smart phone and and in an instant you're immersed in the top virtual gaming experience for this price. Built-in headphones further enhance the VR experience.

Top Rated VR Option For Under $25: CLICK HERE

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