In our continued quest to save you more cash than anyone else in the country, we've reviewed more than 1,000 different tech items at the Consumer Electronics Show. Did you know some of the top gadgets are available at lower than Walmart prices?

Yes. That's actually a thing this year at CES 2017. Below, we've made our list of four items that stood out that you can buy right now. We're also sharing frugal alternatives to what was featured at the trade show.

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1. Smart Light Switches Under $35: The SwitchMate magnetically attaches to any light switch you have and creates a motion sensor system to activate the lights when you walk into a room. Worked well in our tests.

- Available for under $30 at Amazon
- Available with local pick-up options for $35 at Target

2. Vehicle Rescue Torch For $14: This hugely well-rated gadget from iMagitek is a portable LED safety light, car window breaker, seat belt cutter, digital tire pressure monitor for your vehicle and safety hammer. An essential life-saver!

77% Off iMagitek Digital Tire Pressure Gage & Safety Torch
Was: $59.99
CES Price: $13.99
***Non Prime Members, use this 30 day trial for free shipping.

3. Most Affordable Smart Lock: Controlled from your smartphone. The average smart lock on the market and featured at CES is $100 or more. If you forget codes or want to share lock control with others, we found a top-rated one under $60.

$90 Off Dog & Bone Keyless Encrypted Smart Lock + Free Shipping
Was: $149.99
Now: $59.99
***Weather proof and lasts two years on a single charge!

4. World's Most Foldable, Portable LED Desk Lamp. You kind of need to see this thing in action but this LED desk lamp expands to full size before compressing into the palm of your hand - flat! It can be hung as a bed lamp, adjusted for enhanced productivity and the price drop for CES is the lowest recorded.

56% Off Aukey LED Foldable Desk Lamp + Free Prime Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $21.99
***Non Prime Members, use this 30 day trial for free shipping.

5. Make Your Car Smart For $20 With Siri: This hands-free streaming system is a nice alternate to the GOGROOVE version for $35 at CES. If you want to spend a little less money than the CES model and bring hands-free calling, music streaming and quick charging to your car, this is your best bet. Siri support for Apple, Google support for Android. To lower price at checkout, use code CES20173

Budget Version:

60% Off iClever Car Streaming Bluetooth System + 3 Port USB Charger
Was: $49.99
Now: $19.99
***At check-out, to lower the price, use code: CES20173

CES 2017 Version: $34.99 and a completely wireless solution. (One of the best rated in the world)

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