MINNEAPOLIS - Half of all Americans spend their entire paychecks (and sometimes more), according to a recent study by the Center for Financial Service Innovation.

One of the main reasons that people aren't building their nest egg is housing.

The cost of renting an apartment in Minneapolis is around $1,200 which is up four percent from 2106, and wage markers indicate that paychecks aren’t matching the rising cost.

Nathan Dungan, a financial advisor and founder of Share, Save, Spend, suggests putting about 30 to 35 percent of your paycheck towards putting a roof over your head but many people are spending much more sometimes as much as 50 percent and that’s not sustainable.

While putting all of your hard earned cash towards your home has it’s financial dangers, it affects more than just your bank account.

"Money is the number one source of stress, stress is the number one cause of negative health outcomes,” says Dungan. “What I really encourage people to do is look at their budget, when people are more attentive to where their money is going it actually does reduce some of their stress.”