Hello from CES 2017! This year I was the first reporter in the country on the floor of the world's largest tech show, thanks largely in part to having no life and also due to my deal determination.

Rather than showcase a bunch of items most people can never afford, this year I'm focusing on the practical side of tech. Today I have three huge deals to improve your tech life.

With companies shifting even more of a focus to Apple and Android smartphones this year, here are three deals all of which are available through Amazon at their lowest recorded prices.

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No companies pay this TV station to feature products and it does not benefit from any purchase. Prices are subject to change at any time and are expected to sell out. Some of the links used in today's article have Bitly performance tracking codes and may include affiliate links that benefit third party affiliate groups.

Tech Life Improving Deal #1: The Apple Airpod Killer at a fraction of the price!

$120 Off Bluetooth Wireless New For CES 2017 Headphones + Free Ship
Was: $200.00
Now: $79.99
***This item will sell out extremely quickly. Compatible with Apple & Android!

Why? Say hello to a pair of headphones that actually gives the Air Pods a complete run for their money at a fraction of the price. Made by one of the best-rated audio brands in the world, these new Treblab headphones bring wireless music streaming, sweat-proof design and an ingenious built-in hands free calling microphone for under $80.

Tech Life Improving Deal #2: Bring Siri capabilities to your car for under $35 - Stream music and more!

$25 Off FlexSmart Streaming Hands Free Sync + 3 Year Warranty
Was: $60.00
Now: $34.99
***Ship Free with Prime. Non Prime Members use this 30 day trial for free shipping.

Why? Bring crystal clear music streaming from your favorite app to your car with a stunning plug and play solution. Works with virtually any smartphone or tablet and even charges your tech while you drive. We love this!

Already have Sirius or Bluetooth streaming built in to your car? This CES Charger Under $15 today will charge two devices more efficiently than most competitors on the market.

Tech Life Improving Deal #3: Stop carrying cables to charge!

$46 Off Apple/Android Top Rated Slim Power Bank With Cables Built-In
Was: $80.00
Now: $33.99

Why? How many cables do you carry around? OLALA has a strong presence at CES 2017 and ingeniously building a lighting cable into a top-rated Apple Mfi certified power bank is a good idea! This can charge an Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet of your choice and is at its lowest price today. Note: Android users will need to plug in their own cable - this version is equipped with an Apple lightning cable and a separate fast charging USB port.