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Monday, October 3 - EXCLUSIVE!
Show #15406 (TV PG)

“Love Behind Bars: ‘I’m Marrying ‘Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery’”

ALL-NEW! In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil speaks with the woman engaged to marry “Making a Murderer'''s Steven Avery. Avery’s new fiancée, Lynn Hartman, discusses finding true love with one of America’s most notorious convicted killers, a man she calls her “Teddy Bear.”

Tuesday, October 4 – EXCLUSIVE!
Show #15308 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“Love Behind Bars: Steven Avery’s Prison Interview”

ALL-NEW! In part 2 of his exclusive interview, Dr. Phil speaks with Steven Avery in his first television interview since the hit Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” was released. Avery calls his fiancée from prison during the show and discusses their relationship. And, hear what they say about new details in the case.

Wednesday, October 5
Show #15005 (TV 14 (L))

"Help Me Get My 14-Year-Old Daughter Back from Grandma!"

ALL-NEW! For the last two years, 14-year-old Kasey has been caught in the middle of a bitter battle between her grandmother, the woman who’s taken care of her for the past 13 years, and her father, Ted, who says he only recently was able to locate her and has been pursuing a relationship since then. Ted claims Kasey’s grandmother refuses to let him near his daughter, but Kasey says she doesn’t want a relationship with her father. Plus, Dr. Art Markman, a professor of psychology and a member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, discusses his newest book, Brain Briefs: Answers To The Most (And Least) Pressing Questions About your Mind. Co-authored with his colleague Dr. Bob Duke, the book explains various human behaviors in a light-hearted and easy-to-understand way.

Thursday, October 6
Show #15029 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Sweet Sister Has Turned into a Sugar Baby Party Mom"

ALL-NEW! Grace wrote into the show because she says she fears for the wellbeing of her 14-month-old nephew and her mother, Pam. Grace claims her sister Ashlan abandoned her son, leaving Pam to raise the child, because she says Ashlan’s only priorities are “stripping, partying, and picking up ‘sugar daddies.’” Ashlan says that she doesn't think she's a bad mom at all; in fact, she thinks Grace and her mom need to back off and stop making such horrible claims. Ashlan says she only strips to support her son but that her family doesn't understand that. Can Dr. Phil help this family end their fighting for the sake of the infant caught in the middle?

Friday, October 7 – EXCLUSIVE!
Show #15404 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“Missing at Spring Break: What Really Happened to Brittanee”

ALL-NEW! A Dr. Phil exclusive. A beautiful teen goes missing on spring break. Now, 7 years later, shocking new allegations – was Brittanee kidnapped, killed, and thrown into a gator pit? Her family gives their first interview since hearing the nightmarish details about what a jailhouse informant claims happened to their daughter. Plus, hear what a surprising guest has to say – do they know something about Brittanee’s murder?

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