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Monday, October 10
Show #15004 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Ex Kidnapped My Children"

ALL-NEW! Robin claims her ex-husband, Daniel, kidnapped their two daughters and will not return them to her. But Daniel says that is absolutely untrue and that his goal is to protect his daughters! Robin claims Daniel “convinced” their daughters to leave home and meet him on the corner with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Robin says she considers this brainwashing and kidnapping! Daniel says that the girls “ran away” and that he has been battling with his ex-wife in the courts for years to get his daughters back because he claims Robin has a problem with alcohol and constantly dates abusive men. Can Robin and Daniel come together and find a healthy way to co-parent?

Tuesday, October 11
Show #15301 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"A Father’s Explosive Accusation"

ALL-NEW! In this dramatic part two conclusion, tensions rise between Robin and Daniel, who both say they desperately want custody of their two daughters, 14-year-old Dani and 12-year-old Zoey, who say they have been torn between both parents for years. Robin has accused Daniel of “brainwashing and kidnapping” their daughters, which Daniel firmly denies. Daniel also reveals a heavy accusation against his ex-wife he feels justifies his actions—how will Robin react to his claims? What will happen to Dani and Zoey? Find out if this family says that they are ready to receive help and move forward, when we also meet Dani and Zoey.

Wednesday, October 12
Show #15006 (TV 14 (L))

"Identical Twins Starving to Death: Who’s to Blame?"

ALL-NEW! Identical 16-year-old twins Taylor and Tricia both say they may only have a few months to live due to their deadly “identical” eating disorder. The twins say in order to continue to stay as thin as possible, they do everything identically, including counting the 12 crackers they allow themselves to eat. They say their need to look identical fuels their disease because neither wants to be known as the “fatter twin.” Their mother, Vicky, says she thought her daughters’ dire condition would unite her and the twins’ father, Robert, but says it has done the opposite. Robert says he blames Vicky in large part for their daughters’ eating disorder because he claims it was a result of Vicky having had an affair -- which she denies -- and “breaking up their marriage.” Robert says he’s embarrassed to be seen in public with the twins because they look like “toothpicks,” and admits he has called them both horrible names out of frustration. Can Dr. Phil get these two parents on the same page in order to save Tricia and Taylor’s lives? Plus, the man Vicky is accused of leaving her marriage for confronts Robert about the way he treats the twins. It’s an emotional Dr. Phil you cannot miss.

Thursday, October 13
Show #15033 (TV PG (L)(S)(D))

“Inside the Mind of Brooke Shields’ Convicted Stalker”

ALL-NEW! On June 17, 2016, John Rinaldi was convicted in New York of stalking and harassing actress Brooke Shields, and he was sentenced to 60 days in prison. In his first ever TV interview, John claims he was wrongly convicted and that the case was based on a series of lies and coincidence. John says the case has destroyed his life and he blames Brooke Shields for the death of his sister. Brooke claimed in court that John's actions left her and her children terrified and violated. In a fascinating interview, Dr. Phil questions John about his actions and behavior.

Friday, October 14
Show #15020 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Sister Would Rather Be with Her Homeless Boyfriend in a Tent than with Her Kids"

ALL-NEW! Grace claims her older sister, Katie, is an out-of-control and neglectful mother who would rather spend time with her homeless boyfriend, Doug, than her two kids. Grace, her mother Tara, and Katie’s ex-husband Ray say they have seen what they call Katie’s erratic and unsafe behavior, and Grace and Tara say they are ready to confront Katie once and for all. Grace, Tara, and Ray have all considered legal action against Katie which could result in her losing any custody of her 6-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son if she does not begin to, as they say, properly take care of herself and her kids. Katie denies their claims and says she is a hard-working mother who is trying her best to take care of her children.

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