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Monday, September 4
Show #15126 (TV PG (L))

“Wives Fed Up with Their Husbands on the Brink”

ALL-NEW! Teri says a few weeks after her husband, Ryan, was electrocuted while fixing his Christmas lights, she noticed the 27-year-old police sergeant started having panic attacks daily. Teri says Ryan has racked up $50,000 in doctors’ bills and spends his time lying on the floor wearing breathing strips and covered in essential oils because he’s convinced they will stop him from having the attacks – even though doctors say nothing is wrong. Teri says his behavior has consumed their life and it’s tearing their family apart. Then, Samantha says her loving husband Matthew’s behavior seemed to change overnight. Samantha claims that Matthew slept in a tent in a garage, hid under a bridge, spent $20,000 a month and further claims that he had “three psychic breaks in three days.” Samantha also claims that, after Matthew was voluntarily committed and released, Matthew “fled,” and she hasn’t seen him since. Both Matthew and Samantha were ready and excited to meet with Dr. Phil but after some very strange developments, they disappeared. Did they make it to the show? You won’t want to miss this shocking episode of Dr. Phil.

Tuesday, September 5
Show #15202 (TV 14 (L))

“A Husband Accused, a Wife Arrested and Bruised: Who’s Abusing Who?”

ALL-NEW! Sky claims her husband, Josh, has not only left her body covered in bruises but has also stolen her identity in order to steal thousands of dollars from her, and wiped out her retirement savings. Sky claims her husband is willing to go to great lengths to destroy her life, including threatening to have her deported and recently having her arrested and thrown in jail. Josh, who denies many of Sky's claims, admits he has abused Sky in the past but insists she deliberately pushes him to the point where he just snaps. Josh admits he exaggerated Sky’s abuse to the police in order to have her arrested and “teach her a lesson” because of, he claims, Sky’s violence toward him. Josh claims he has never physically abused anyone other than Sky, but his ex-fiancée, Ashley, tells a much different story. How will Josh react when he learns Ashley is in the studio and ready to face him? Plus, how will he react when Dr. Phil shows him video of his behavior?

Wednesday, September 6
Show #15080 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Mom is the Worst Mom in History!"

ALL-NEW! Elora claims her mother, Vicki, is sometimes “the worst mom in history” and acts more like a selfie-taking teenager than a responsible parent. When Elora was growing up, she says Vicki, who has her master’s degree in clinical psychology, took the easy way out when it came to dealing with the stress of Elora’s difficult teen years. She claims that her mother put her in the psych ward three times and even put her in foster care. Elora says she is now worried about her 8-year-old brother and 8-year-old niece who are currently living with her mother. She says she’s “fearful history will repeat itself.” Elora asks Dr. Phil to help her and her mom.

Thursday, September 7
Show #15107 (TV PG (L))

“‘Dr. Phil, Help! My Mother is Obsessed with Being Me and Looking ‘On Fleek’! She Needs to Act Her Age and Start Acting like a Mother!’”

ALL-NEW! Taylor says her mom, Michelle, dresses and acts inappropriately, posts “half-naked” pictures on social media and is obsessed with looking “on fleek.” She claims her mom is an obsessive narcissist who never matured past the age of 17 and cares more about being her "bestie" and looking like her than being a parent Taylor can look up to and admire. Taylor also claims that her mom is a recovering alcoholic who ruined her childhood and is to blame for her having no life skills. Michelle says she looks good for her age and is proud of it. She says her daughter is a spoiled brat and that she gave her the tools she needs to be independent, but Taylor refuses to use them. Can Dr. Phil help save this mother-daughter relationship?

Friday, September 8
Show #15109 (TV 14 (L))

“A Mother Relapsed after Rehab, 2 DUIs, 30 Days in Jail and Still Drinking Herself to Death”

ALL-NEW! A year ago, former guest Treva left Dr. Phil and the audience shocked when she walked on to the stage barefoot and drunk. Treva’s daughters, Morgan and Ashley, told Dr. Phil their mom had spent 170 days in jail for assaulting a police officer, disturbing the peace and arson for setting her own home on fire. Both said their mom’s drinking was out of control. Dr. Phil sent Treva to Origins Recovery Center where she spent 67 days and entered a sober living facility that ended up kicking her out for breaking the number 1 rule: no drinking. Since then, Treva has continued to drink and was arrested for two DUIs and made headline news when a judge ordered her to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and a GPS tracker and placed her under house arrest, before sentencing her to 45 days in jail. Morgan and Ashley say they’re scared their mom will die or kill someone else while driving drunk, so they reached out to Dr. Phil once again for help.

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