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Monday, November 13
Show #16035 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Ex-Husband is Jealous, Controlling and Poisoning My Family against Me, But I Still Want Him Back!"

ALL-NEW! Brandi says she is seeking Dr. Phil’s help to get back together with her ex-husband, Victor. Brandi admits to multiple affairs while being married to Victor and claims Victor cheated on her throughout their marriage. After discovering Victor was still in contact with his ex-wife, Brandi took a hammer to Victor’s music studio and caused $40,000 in damage! In January, an altercation with Victor led to Brandi’s nose being broken but Brandi was arrested for assault and child endangerment. Brandi has not seen Victor or their 11-year-old son since this event. Victor claims the real problem in his relationship with Brandi is that she is an out-of-control alcoholic. Victor claims Brandi is drunk every single day and has been drunk and violent in front of their 11-year-old son on numerous occasions. In the last 10 years, Victor claims Brandi has been arrested at least 12 times and received 3 DWIs. Victor believes every arrest was due to Brandi’s drinking problem, including her latest arrest for shooting up the bedroom of a man she was dating with a .38 revolver. But Brandi says she is not an alcoholic, just “an excessive person.” Does Brandi have a drinking problem? Is Brandi and Victor’s relationship beyond repair?

Tuesday, November 14
Show #16307 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“Raging, Drunk and Out of Control: Will Brandi Ever Tell the Truth?”

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Brandi and Victor regarding their wild relationship and Brandi’s alleged drinking problem. Brandi refuses to admit any issues with alcohol, even after it is revealed that she was too drunk to film her interview with Dr. Phil staff in Los Angeles! Victor explains the devastating effects Brandi’s drinking has had on their 11-year-old son. Plus, Brandi’s mother, Stephanie, joins the show to discuss Brandi’s drinking and out-of-control behavior. Stephanie says she had no choice but to kick Brandi out of her home after she claims Brandi pulled out her hair and slapped her fiancé. Brandi protests until the end, claiming her mother is a “nut” with a “sick vendetta” against her.

Wednesday, November 15
Show #16053 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Wife of 18 Years and Mother of Our Four Children is Divorcing Me for a 26-Year-Old Kenyan Man She’s Never Met!"

ALL-NEW! Keith says his wife of 18 years, Sarah, is abandoning him and their four children for a man she met on the internet. But that’s not all, Sarah says she’s divorcing her husband for a 26-year-old pastor named “Kevin,” who lives in Kenya and whom she has never met in person. Sarah says she’s madly in love with Kevin and plans to marry him as soon as possible. She says she has started the divorce process from Keith and will leave for Kenya in February when she receives her tax return. Keith and the rest of Sarah’s family say they are terrified Sarah is being scammed by Kevin. They worry if she goes to Kenya, she will end up dead or sold into sex trafficking. Is Kevin real? Is he scamming Sarah? Dr. Phil sent a team to Kenya to investigate. You won’t want to miss what they discover!

Thursday, November 16
Show #16006 (TV PG (L)(S)(D))

"My Narcissistic Ex Allows My Daughter to Work as a Webcam Model and Married a Girl the Same Age!"

ALL-NEW! Christina and Jim are divorced, and their 21-year-old daughter, Tara, is living with her dad and his new wife who just happens to be the same age as Tara. Christina claims Jim was a horrible husband and a narcissist and she was forced to walk away from the family when Tara was just 13. Since then, she says Jim has let Tara get away with anything and now even allows her to work as a webcam model in order to help pay the bills! She says he is turning their daughter into a raging, angry monster with low self-esteem.

Friday, November 17
Show #16302 (TV PG (L)(S)(D))

“Ex-Wife, New Wife and Daughter Caught in the Middle”

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Christina, who emailed him desperate for help for her daughter, Tara, who she says can be an angry monster. Christina left the home when Tara was 13 years old, but now, she says she's worried that her daughter is in a toxic situation with the ex-husband she calls narcissistic and his 22-year-old new wife who is 20 weeks pregnant. Today, meet the new wife and find out if Dr. Phil can help this chaotic triangle.

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