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Monday, June 26
Show #15100RR (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“We Believe Our Daughter is Running with Gangs and a Danger to Our Granddaughter”

After the courts found that Sarah failed to protect her 2-year-old daughter due to her lifestyle and behavior, her family says they’ve been doing everything in their power to protect Sarah’s daughter from her. Sarah insists her daughter is safe in her care and claims her family kidnapped her daughter and refuses to give her back. What Sarah doesn’t know is her mother, Sharon, placed a secret GPS on her car, and they say the coordinates have them convinced Sarah is living a double life of selling drugs, running money for gangs, as well as engaged in prostitution. Add to that Sarah’s recent drug arrest while in the company of an accused gang member, Sarah’s family say they are petrified for her safety and health. Emotions run high when Sarah’s family reveals the secret GPS and confronts her with the evidence they have gathered. Will Sarah admit to bad decisions? (Original airdate: 4/27/17) (CTD)

Tuesday, June 27
Show #15114RR (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“A Dark Family Secret: The Aftermath”

After watching a recent episode of Dr. Phil about rape, Cindi says she decided to have a serious conversation with her teen daughters to warn them of the dangers. But Cindi says she was shocked to learn what the girls told her – they alleged that her father had raped her older daughter and molested her younger daughter when they were 10 and 8. Cindi says her extended family turned their backs on her and her girls and that they blame her for sending her father to prison. Cindi’s husband, Jason, says that since his wife found out the dark family secret, she’s become another person and he wonders if divorce is their only option. See what happens when this family speaks with Dr. Phil. (Original airdate: 4/24/17) (CTD)

Wednesday, June 28
Show #15049RR (TV PG)

“Weekly Ambulance Rides, Nearly 100 Doctors: ‘My Mother Thinks She is Dying but It’s All in Her Head’”

Adrienne says her mother, Cathy’s severe anxiety has her believing she is dying every day from a life-threatening illness. Adrienne says in just the past six months, her mother has seen over 75 doctors and specialists, and called 911 and been taken by ambulance to the hospital repeatedly. After over 100 blood tests, CAT scans, and MRIs, Adrienne says Cathy refuses to accept the non-life threatening results. Adrienne says her mother refuses to live in her own home and has moved in with her Aunt Deborah because she believes she needs her vitals monitored by someone constantly. Adrienne says her mother refuses to believe she is suffering from anxiety and believing she is dying has become her identity. Deborah, who says she’s had enough of chauffeuring her sister to doctor’s appointments and following the ambulances to the hospital, is desperate for Cathy to move out. Dr. Phil also meets two moms, Angie and Kathie, who say they both want to lose weight but struggle because they love eating together! Then, meet the host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork, who gives healthy advice based on his latest book, The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life. (Original airdate: 1/4/17) (CTD)

Thursday, June 29
Show #15062RR (TV PG (L))

"My Ex-Boyfriend Believes He is Jesus and Scolded, Starved and Tortured Me"

Jem says she believes her ex-boyfriend is dangerous and delusional. Jem says during their relationship, Joshua told her he was Jesus, Gilgamesh and lived previously as a King. She also claims that he tried to get her to believe that she was Mary Magdalene. She also claims he told her that he spoke regularly to the Archangel Michael and made her life a living hell. Jem claims that Joshua tried to brainwash her while they were together. Joshua, who is currently homeless, says he believes his contact with the Dr. Phil show has been divinely inspired to allow him to spread the word of God and heal his family. Joshua says that he believes Dr. Phil is going to recognize what Joshua understands both spiritually and psychologically. Joshua’s appearance on the show is, he says, going to be the credential he needs to spread his message further and will prepare him “as an arrow in the quiver of the Lord.” Joshua admits to having gotten physical with Jem in the past, saying he was in “spiritual warfare” at the time. Joshua claims Jem had been a “disturbed person.” Joshua says he is an ambassador of Christ, an apostle and a messenger of the Lord. Willie, Joshua’s father, says Joshua is "delusional" and that it's tearing his family apart. (Original airdate: 2/23/17) (CTD)

Friday, June 30
Show #15112RR (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Our Hula-Hooping Superstar Daughter Has Stockholm Syndrome from Her Narcissist, DJ Boyfriend!"

Marcy and Scott say they believe their daughter, Danielle, has Stockholm syndrome from her boyfriend, Justin. They claim Justin is an abusive narcissist who has manipulated their daughter into believing he’s “God’s gift to the world.” Danielle says she loves Justin, and he’s not going anywhere. She says the only reason Justin has ever laid hands on her is to restrain her from her own angry rages, and her parents don’t understand their relationship. Justin says he’s a great guy with an “X factor” and doesn’t understand why Danielle’s parents dislike him. Although he’s currently dealing with a serious legal problem, he says he’s not a criminal, narcissist, or an abuser. And, in a shocking twist, Danielle reveals to Dr. Phil and her parents a secret about her relationship with Justin. (Original airdate: 5/23/17) (CTD)

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