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Monday, June 19
Show #15064RR (TV 14 (D))

“Multiple Restraining Orders and Fake Births: What’s Next?”

Brittany says she wrote to Dr. Phil devastated after she says that she found out that her boyfriend, the man she says she loved and with whom she is having a baby, was leading a double life. She says she was shocked, destroyed, duped and wanted to speak with Dr. Phil to help other women avoid falling into the same trap she did. But Dr. Phil learns that Brittany was leaving out some very important details. His team uncovered multiple news reports suggesting Brittany had a history of harassing men, fabricating pregnancies, births, and even infant deaths. Brittany was also convicted of falsifying two birth certificates after admittedly lying to a judge about having twins to avoid jail. She says she even presented the judge a photoshopped picture of herself holding fabricated bouncing new babies as proof. Before he meets Brittany and reveals what he has learned, Dr. Phil sits down with some of her former friends who make additional allegations. And, hear what one of her exes has to say. (Original airdate: 2/16/17) (CTD)

Tuesday, June 20
Show #15314RR (TV 14 (D))

“Multiple Restraining Orders and Fake Births: Brittany Speaks”

It all began with an email from a woman named Brittany who wrote to Dr. Phil saying she was devastated after she says that she found out her boyfriend, whose baby she says she’s carrying, was leading a double life. But as Dr. Phil began digging deeper into her story, he learned that Brittany wasn’t telling him the whole story. Instead, Dr. Phil uncovered information suggesting Brittany had a history of harassing men and fabricating pregnancies, births and infant deaths. Dr. Phil spoke to her former friends Randi and Haley, who gave an in-depth look into the web of lies they claimed Brittany was weaving. Today, Dr. Phil sits down with Brittany and reveals what he has learned, and even asks her whether she wants to take a pregnancy test. Plus, see what happened that led to Brittany leaving the stage, resulting in an emotional backstage conversation with Dr. Phil. (Original airdate: 2/17/17) (CTD)

Wednesday, June 21
Show #15088RR (TV 14 (L)(D))

"Our Deadbeat Son Stole Thousands from Us and Refuses to Move Out of Our Home with His Lazy Girlfriend!"

Krissie wrote to Dr. Phil desperate for help with her 23-year-old son, Justin. Krissie claims Justin has a problem with stealing and in the last few years has stolen thousands of dollars in cash, credit cards and personal items from her and her husband, Randy. Krissie says everything out of her son’s mouth is a lie and she is pleading for Dr. Phil to help Justin learn to take accountability for his actions so he can grow up and move out of their house. Justin says his parents are to blame for the person he has become. He claims he had no way to learn a work ethic when everything was given to him and doesn’t see a reason why everything shouldn’t continue to be given to him. (Original airdate: 1/27/17) (CTD)

Thursday, June 22
Show #15060RR (TV 14 (L))

"My Entitled, Lazy, Adult Rapper Son is Sinking This Family!"

Cindy and Jim say they are fed up with their 35-year-old son, Brandon. They say he’s a moocher who refuses to get a job, wears superhero costumes on a daily basis, and has caused $15,000 in damages to their property. Brandon says his parents don’t understand how his mind works. He admits to wearing superhero costumes and going on nightly vigilante missions. Brandon says he also created a rapper persona named “Ceeza Caprice” who can rap to any beat. Brandon’s sister, Harmony, says she blames her parents for Brandon’s behavior. She says they enable Brandon. She claims Brandon is a manipulator who sees it as a challenge to live off others. (Original airdate: 2/24/17) (CTD)

Friday, June 23
Show #15067RR (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"I Am Convinced My Beautiful Wife is Poisoning Me with Borax! Who Did I Marry?"

Jeremy says he believes his wife, Kelly, is trying to poison him to death by putting borax in his food and drinks, so she can collect his insurance money. He says he also suspects Kelly is cheating with multiple men and is covering her tracks. Jeremy claims he has evidence supporting his claims, including soda bottles and urine samples that contain borax. Kelly emphatically denies poisoning or cheating on her husband. She claims borax was in her car so she could make bouncy balls with her children. (Original airdate: 1/9/17) (CTD)

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