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Monday, May 8 - EXCLUSIVE
Show #15422 (TV 14)

“A Sick Online Prank Led to an 11-Year-Old Boy’s Suicide by Hanging: His Mother Speaks Out”

ALL-NEW! It was a national news story that shocked and broke hearts across the nation: an 11-year-old boy hanged himself after an alleged social media prank. Katrina Goss says she found her son Tysen hanging in his bedroom closet after she says his reported “girlfriend” faked her own death. How did what is being called a “cruel teen joke” spiral so out of control? In an exclusive interview, Katrina shares intimate details of that fateful night and heartbreaking last moments of her son’s life. Plus, find out why she says she believes this may have been something more than a prank.

Tuesday, May 9
Show #15095 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“My Father Brainwashed Me to Be His Wife"

ALL-NEW! Kelly says she was 11 years old when her father began grooming her to be his “wife.” Kelly claims her father made her iron his clothes, have food on the table when he got home from work, and even forced her into a sexual relationship with him for 12 years. Kelly says she gave birth to two of his children and was brainwashed into believing it was “normal life.” Kelly’s mother, Christine, says she suspected Kelly was being abused by her father but says she eventually threw her hands up in the air and gave up trying to get custody of her because her ex was making it too difficult for her. Christine says she wants her daughter to “move on” with her life, which angers Kelly. Kelly’s best friend, Niquelle, says she noticed the odd relationship between Kelly and her father. When Kelly admitted she was being abused and that the father of her two children was her father, Niquelle immediately called the police, putting an end to Kelly’s 12-year ordeal.

Wednesday, May 10
Show #15125 (TV 14 (L))

“Boyfriend Accused of Faking Cancer, Lying about Being Kidnapped and Scamming $70,000”

ALL-NEW! Julianne claims her daughter’s boyfriend, Leighton, has “lied his way through life” and is turning her beautiful daughter, Mariah, into a liar and a con artist. She claims Leighton lied about being kidnapped, faked cancer and convinced a friend to give him $70,000 for a business that never opened. She claims he even created a crowdfunding page to raise money to treat his alleged cancer. Julianne also blames him for getting her daughter, Mariah, addicted to drugs. But Mariah says Leighton absolutely did not get her addicted to drugs -- he just helped her because she has “bad veins.” Leighton and Mariah are pointing the finger at Julianne and claim she is the one who first introduced her daughter to alcohol and marijuana. Leighton says Julianne is very controlling and manipulative and constantly tries to break them up because she despises him. In a tense in-studio showdown, Julianne faces off against Mariah and Leighton. Are Mariah and Leighton ready to get help? Why was hotel security called before the show, and what happened after Leighton and Mariah arrived at the studio before the taping?

Thursday, May 11
Show #15202 (RATING TBD)

“A Husband Accused, a Wife Arrested and Bruised: Who’s Abusing Who?”

ALL-NEW! Sky claims her husband, Josh, not only left her body covered in bruises but also stole her identity in order to steal thousands of dollars from her, and wiped out her retirement savings. Sky claims her husband is willing to go to great lengths to destroy her life, including threatening to have her deported and recently having her arrested and thrown in jail. Josh, who denies many of Sky's claims, admits he has abused Sky in the past but insists she deliberately pushes him to the point where he just snaps. Josh admits he exaggerated Sky’s abuse to the police in order to have her arrested and “teach her a lesson” because of, he claims, Sky’s violence toward him. Josh claims he has never physically abused anyone other than Sky, but his ex-fiancée, Ashley, tells a much different story. How will Josh react when he learns Ashley is in the studio and ready to face him? Plus, how will he react when Dr. Phil shows him video of his behavior?

Friday, May 12
Show #15121 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“‘Help! My Roommate is Obsessed with Me and Sabotaging My Relationships!’”

ALL-NEW! Crystal claims her roommate, Ronnie, has become obsessed with her. Crystal says she met Ronnie, who was homeless, in a bar and within a week, she invited him and his son to move in with her and her two young children. Now, she says she has a “stalker living in her home.” She claims Ronnie has broken into her phone while she was sleeping, sabotaged her relationships, won’t stop staring at her and watches her while she sleeps, eats and watches TV – she claims things are so bad, she won’t make eye contact with him because she fears he’ll take it the wrong way. Ronnie says he’s not obsessed. He says everything he does for Crystal is out of love and “nine out of 10 women would kill for a man like him.” He wants Crystal to admit her feelings for him and acknowledge they are a family. Ronnie’s 16-year-old son, Shawn, says his father is so “crazy and obsessed” with Crystal, and he acts out in school and gets bad grades in hopes his father will pay attention to him instead of her. Will Crystal admit her true feelings for Ronnie? Or will Ronnie finally admit his behavior has gone too far?

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