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Monday, May 15 **EXCLUSIVE!**
Show #15424 (TV PG)

'Exclusive: Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Breaks Her Silence'

ALL-NEW! In part one of an exclusive interview, Aaron Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, speaks out for the very first time since the football star's shocking prison suicide. She reveals what he said in their very last phone call, what she thinks about his suicide note, and sheds light on the former New England Patriots’ mindset in his final hours. (CTD)

Tuesday, May 16 **EXCLUSIVE!**
Show #15321 (TV PG)

'Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Addresses the Rumors'

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil's exclusive interview continues with the fiancée of former football star Aaron Hernandez. Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez speaks out for the first time following Hernandez's suicide and responds to rumors about his sexuality and his alleged intimate relationship with a fellow inmate. (CTD)

Wednesday, May 17
Show #15123 (TV 14 (L))

'My Daughter is a Spoiled and Entitled 19-Year-Old Who Steals and Has Blown $130,000 on Designer Bags, Makeup, and Gambling'

ALL-NEW! Nineteen-year-old Cherylyn says she loves living the high life and admits she is a spoiled and
entitled “princess” who has spent tens of thousands of other people’s money on her lavish lifestyle. Cherylyn says
she maxed out her 19 credit cards on designer shoes, handbags, purses, clothes, makeup and pampering! And, Cherylyn says she insists on fine dining, fast cars and her boyfriend, Tyler, footing the bill. However, Tyler says he has nothing more to give Cherylyn except an ultimatum, which he delivers when he comes face-to-face with her onstage. Cherylyn's mom, Joey, says that her selfish and manipulative daughter has blown over $130,000 in less than a year and her spending has left a trail of devastation which includes pawning over $7,000 worth of family heirlooms and stealing her identity. Sparks fly when Cherylyn defends her entitled behavior during the taping. What jaw-dropping statement does an unrepentant Cherylyn make to Dr. Phil? (CTD)

Thursday, May 18
Show #15066 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

'I Believe My Husband is Romancing Women Online and Being Catfished. Help Me, Dr. Phil, to Stop Him from Ruining Our Finances!'

ALL-NEW! Kristine says she wants her estranged husband Jerry to stop sending money to “random” women he meets online. She claims he is depleting their finances and that now they may lose their family home. Jerry claims Kristine is physically abusive and that she once put him in a chokehold when she found texts on his phone from another woman. Kristine says she feels she has done everything she can do to save her marriage and that after learning that Jerry has “blown all of his money” on women who she claims are catfishing and scamming him, she has completely lost her trust. (CTD)

Friday, May 19
Show #15313 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

'Is Jerry Being Catfished? The Women in the Photos Revealed!'

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Kristine who claims her estranged husband, Jerry, is depleting their finances by sending money to “random” women he meets online. Kristine says she believes the women Jerry has been talking to are not real. Today, Jerry will finally find out about who many of these women are. Hear from one of the women behind the pictures. What she has to say may be a surprise for both Kristine and Jerry. Does Jerry say he will continue his online relationships? What does Kristine say about staying with her estranged husband or leaving him once and for all? (CTD)

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