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Monday, May 1
Show #15420 (TV PG (S)(D))

“Caught On Tape: ‘My Married Dentist Lover Accused of Murdering My Son’”

ALL-NEW! It is every mother's worst nightmare. Single mother Roxanne says she thought she met her Prince Charming, but did her successful, married, dentist boyfriend have a terrifying dark side? Authorities allege Bert Franklin was caught on home surveillance cameras causing life-ending injuries to Roxanne’s baby son, Lincoln, and then casually eating a slice of pizza while holding the child’s limp body. Franklin has been charged with murder, and his trial is set for September. Roxanne speaks out for the first time in an exclusive interview.

Tuesday, May 2
Show #15116 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“‘My Son Claims He Will Not Reoffend but Have I Raised a Sexual Predator?’”

ALL-NEW! Seventeen-year-old Addison claims her 18-year-old brother, Colin, has molested her on two separate occasions, once when she was 11 years old and the second time when she was 13. After it happened, Addison claims her parents did not call the police and did absolutely nothing about it. Find out why Addison and her mother, Kimberly, say they believe Colin will reoffend even though he was registered in several sex offender programs. Plus, why is Colin pointing the finger at his mother and saying she is partially to blame for him touching his sister?

Wednesday, May 3
Show #15052 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“Sex, Drugs and a Missing Teen: Who’s to Blame?”

ALL-NEW! When Camille wrote to Dr. Phil, her niece, Darbi, had been missing for over a month – and it wasn’t the first time Darbi had disappeared. In November 2015, Darbi ran away and became a victim of sex trafficking. Camille says she fears that nothing will happen to save Darbi’s life if Darbi’s parents, Janice and Wayne, don’t end their feuding and come together to help their daughter. Janice accuses Wayne of being a “Disneyland” father who took a back seat to parenting. Janice says she is convinced that Wayne’s absence is the reason Darbi started using drugs and running away. Wayne blames Janice for traumatizing their daughter because she is involved in a lesbian relationship. He claims Janice exposed Darbi to sex, drugs and porn, which Janice denies. Shannon, Janice’s wife, blames Wayne for Darbi’s overly sexual behavior. She claims he molested Darbi, a claim he denies, and was the reason she sought out older men for drugs and sex.

Thursday, May 4
Show #15312 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

“Beautiful Missing Teen: The Phone Call, the Chase, the Dramatic Conclusion”

ALL-NEW! When Janice and Wayne spoke with Dr. Phil, their 16-year-old daughter Darbi had been missing for 24 days, and Dr. Phil questioned whether the parents were more focused on their hatred toward each other than working together to find their child. Just hours after they left Dr. Phil’s stage, they got a phone call that Darbi was alive. Janice and Wayne rushed the scene to meet their daughter. Why does Darbi say she left home? And, what does she reveal about what happened during her time on the run?

Friday, May 5
Show #15090 (TV PG)

“From Preschool Teacher and PTA Mom to a Shoplifting Drug Dealer”

ALL-NEW! Rachel says she hates her mother, Aundrea, who she insists is not only an embarrassment to her and her family, but also stole her childhood due to Aundrea’s alcoholism and prescription pill addiction. From reportedly showing up drunk to Rachel’s 5th grade birthday party in front of Rachel’s classmates and driving Rachel’s carpool intoxicated, to being arrested multiple times for DUI and shoplifting, Rachel says she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive her mother. Aundrea admits she’s an alcoholic and a liar, and claims she is keeping two dark and embarrassing secrets from her family that could cause her to serve serious prison time. How will her family handle Aundrea’s shocking confessions?