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Monday, December 11
Show #16065 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Dr. Phil, Our Beautiful Daughter is Drinking Herself to Death"

ALL-NEW! Christi and Nels say their 27-year-old daughter, Nicole, is an alcoholic who drinks a liter of vodka a day, has been hospitalized 15 times in the last four years due to alcohol poisoning, and has nearly died on five of those occasions. They also say Nicole has been arrested and charged with three DUIs, was found passed out in a bus stop with a blood alcohol level of .41, and has even set her apartment on fire twice. Nicole admits she’s an “extreme alcoholic,” and that she is a danger to herself and others around her. She says she drinks because she hates looking in the mirror and to help her escape from reality. Can Dr. Phil help Christi and Nels save their daughter?

Tuesday, December 12
Show #16049 (TV PG (L)(S)(D))

"My 19-Year-Old Thug Daughter was Involved in a Drive-By Shooting and is a Menace to Society and This Family"

ALL-NEW! Kate, 19, grew up in the suburbs but according to her family, she’s acting like a thug, smoking weed, wearing baggy pants, and hanging with the wrong crowd. She calls herself “Lul Kate” and has stopped going by Katelyn. She was even involved in a drive-by shooting. Kate’s sister, Ashley, wrote to the show saying she's worried her sister is going to end up dead. Kate's mother, Donna, and her husband, Bob, claim Kate's behavior is so out of control, they've had to install surveillance cameras in their home and change the lock on their door to stop her from stealing. After another screaming match a couple of weeks ago, they finally kicked her out of their home, and Kate’s been sleeping on the streets since then. Donna says she did not raise Kate to be a “thug.” Donna and Ashley both agree there’s a good chance Kate will end up dead if she doesn’t get help!

Wednesday, December 13
Show #16312 (TV PG)

“The Indiana Train Track Murders: The Search for a Killer”

ALL-NEW! Two teenage girls go hiking in the woods of their small hometown in Indiana and are brutally murdered. The mysterious deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams have haunted their families, and have left them relying on clues the girls left behind. In their final moments, did these best friends record images and audio of their killer?

Thursday, December 14
Show #16070 (TV PG (L))

"Our Rageful Son Dropped Out of High School to Become a Famous Rapper, Should We Keep Footing the Bill for His Hollywood Dream?’ and Hanson Still Making Music 25 Years Later!"

ALL-NEW! Twenty-year-old Billy, aka “Billy Early,” says the hip-hop world would benefit from his presence. Billy’s mom, Michelle, admits her son is extremely talented, but says he refuses to get a real job and expects her and her husband, Tom, to foot the bill for his personal life. They say they want him to get a real job instead of raging when they don’t give him money. But, Michelle says Billy has experienced many traumas growing up, including feeling abandon by his dad. Are Tom and Michelle part of Billy’s problems? And, Hanson celebrates the holiday season with a couple of great tunes from their new album, “Finally, It’s Christmas!”

Friday, December 15
Show #16061 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Help! My Daughter is a Beautiful Model and Ex NBA Basketball Wife Who Has Turned into a Partying, Stealing, Foul-Mouthed Mom!"

ALL-NEW! Janis claims her daughter is an entitled narcissist and has been extremely toxic since she was 5 years old, but says things took a turn when Brooklin moved to L.A. in search of stardom. Brooklin was married to an NBA star and lived the fast life in Hollywood with socialites, fancy cars, designer purses, and drugs. According to her mother, Brooklin has been to seven rehab facilities, spending over $200,000 of her mother’s retirement savings. Brooklin claims that was her past life; she’s now drug-free and has found God, yet her mother still treats her like she’s some kind of monster. Brooklin says she just wants her mother to back off, be supportive, and let her be the star she was meant to be. But, Janis says Brooklin is still making life miserable for the entire family and that she fears her daughter will end up in a grave. Find out if Brooklin takes Dr. Phil’s guidance? Plus, does your past dictate your future? This was the very question AnnaRose King set out to answer in her first debut film Good Enough. King joins Dr. Phil to discuss Good Enough, which she wrote, produced, directed and stars in, alongside Academy Award-, Emmy-, and Golden Globe-nominated Hollywood legend James Caan. The film explores feelings of grief, loss, and the yearning of wanting to know more about a parent who passed away far too soon: a topic very personal to AnnaRose.

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