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Monday, November 27
Show #16054 (TV 14 (L))

"My Nephew is a Liar Who Wants to Be a Rapper and Claims to Have Been Offered a Million Dollar Record Deal"

ALL-NEW! Lorraine says her nephew Tony glorifies rap culture and the “thug” life. Tony has told her that he is going to be a famous rapper and sign a million-dollar contract with a major record label. But, Lorraine claims Tony is a liar and is constantly making up stories. She claims Tony refuses to get a job, is constantly couch surfing and even gave up his now 6- and 9-year-old daughters three years ago, because he believed his aunt could give them more stability. Tony claims his music is taking off and after he leaves the show, he is going straight to the studio to sign a contract. Dr. Phil reached out to the record labels that Tony says are interested in him. Does he really have a contract waiting for him from a major record label? And, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum music producer DJ Silk also has some advice for Tony. Find out what he has to say.

Tuesday, November 28
Show #15418RR (TV PG)

"DUIs and Dementia: Inside David Cassidy’s Secret Battle"

In his final television interview before his tragic passing at the age of 67, singer, Partridge Family star, and former teen idol David Cassidy gives a revealing interview to Dr. Phil about his private battles and his shocking dementia diagnosis. And, a look back at his career that started it all. (Original airdate: 3-1-17)

Wednesday, November 29
Show #16040 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Trapped in My Bedroom: I’m Too Ugly to Leave My House"

ALL-NEW! Kaleigh says she hates her appearance so much that she rarely leaves her house. Kayleigh says she spends every waking minute comparing herself to women she sees online, claiming to become obsessed with these women and spending hours imagining herself as them. Kayleigh allowed cameras to capture her extreme daily rituals that she keeps secret from everyone. How will her mother and boyfriend react to what they see? Plus, Kayleigh bravely left her house for the first time in two weeks to speak with Dr. Phil. Find out what caused her to have a volatile meltdown which almost caused her to be removed from the airplane – all captured on Dr. Phil cameras.

Thursday, November 30 ***DAYTIME EXCLUSIVE***
Show #16405 (TV 14 (S)(D))

“Glamour Model Speaks Out: Did She Fake Her Own Kidnapping?”

ALL-NEW! Did a British glamour model fake her own kidnapping? Chloe Ayling claims she was lured to a modeling shoot where she was abducted by masked men, drugged, restrained and held for six days. But, some are doubting her story after it was revealed the model didn’t tell police about shopping in public with her alleged kidnapper. In a daytime exclusive, she tells her story to Dr. Phil.

Friday, December 1
Show #16055 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Help, Dr. Phil! My Bipolar, Manipulative Millennial Daughter is Now a Runaway on a Downward Spiral to ‘Find Herself"

ALL-NEW! Tasha says her daughter, Sierra, was a problem child from the start of her life. Growing up, Tasha claims Sierra was no stranger to trouble. Tasha claims Sierra brought pot cupcakes to her high school and fed them to unsuspecting students, constantly lied, and falsely accused men of inappropriate sexual behavior. Tasha eventually started the emancipation process because she says she wanted to be released of the liability of her own daughter. Now, at 17, Sierra has run away far from her mother’s home to another state. Sierra faces her mother for the first time in more than a month. Sierra says she’s been on a spiritual journey to find herself, but it’s getting hard because she’s alone. Tasha says Sierra is no longer allowed in her home, but she loves her daughter with every fiber of her being. They come face to face to see if they can overcome their issues and begin the process to be a family again.

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