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Monday, October 24
Show #15023 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"All My Ex Cares about Is Acting and Singing for the Lord, Not Our Daughter!"

ALL-NEW! Danielle and Brandon are in an ongoing custody war over their 10-year-old daughter. Danielle, who currently has only visitation, wants custody back because she claims her ex is abusive and has threatened to kill her twice. Brandon denies Danielle’s allegations and claims Danielle is a terrible mother who is more concerned with what he calls her nonexistent acting and singing career than their child. Can Dr. Phil help these parents come together for the sake of their child caught in the middle?

Tuesday, October 25
Show #15304 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"My Fame-Obsessed Ex Spreads Lies That I Tried to Poison Our Daughter with a Sports Drink"

ALL-NEW! Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Danielle and Brandon, who are in the midst of a heated custody battle. Danielle has accused Brandon of abusing their daughter, even going so far as to call poison control and the Sheriff after Brandon gave the girl a sports drink. She also accuses him of neglecting their daughter by not providing basic necessities and claims she has had to send police to check on her daughter because she was dehydrated – accusations Brandon denies. He and his wife, Desiree, accuse Danielle of trying to ruin their wedding by sending CPS to the rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. What does Dr. Phil say these parents need to do to create a peaceful environment for their 10-year-old daughter caught in the middle?

Wednesday, October 26
Show #15039 (TV 14 (L)(S)(D))

"Our Mom Did Not Protect Us against Sexual Abuse"

ALL-NEW! Sisters Amy, Alisa and Susan say they want their mom, Tammy, to acknowledge and accept that Alisa was sexually abused multiple times as a child by two different men. They also want their mom to apologize for not acting on the information and failing to protect Alisa. Tammy says she did what she thought was right at the time. Amy also claims that Tammy’s husband, Wendell, exposed himself to her then 2-year-old son – a claim Wendell adamantly denies. Can Dr. Phil help this family get the answers they’re searching for?

Thursday, October 27
Show #15407 (RATING TBD)

“Murder on Capitol Hill: Who Killed Chandra Levy? Gary Condit Speaks”

ALL-NEW! Inside the real life Washington D.C. murder mystery that made national headlines and rocked Capitol Hill. Chandra Levy, a young D.C. Department of Prisons intern, vanished in 2001 and was later found murdered. Although never a “formal” suspect, the spotlight was on a powerful California congressman, Gary Condit, accused of having a very personal relationship with Chandra. Despite those media fueled suspicions, another man was arrested and convicted of the brutal murder of the beautiful young intern. Now, more than a decade later, a surprising twist has broken open the case. All charges have been dismissed against the man convicted of killing Chandra. In an exclusive interview, former Congressman Gary Condit breaks his silence, granting his first interview in 15 years.

Friday, October 28
Show #15408 (RATING TBD)

“The Frat Boy Dubbed the ‘Cannibal Killer’ Breaks His Silence from His Hospital Bed”

ALL-NEW! Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old Florida college student, was dubbed “The Frat Boy Killer” in the media after he was accused of murdering a couple at their home and stabbing a neighbor who tried to help. Police say when they arrived he was exhibiting superhuman strength and biting one of his victim’s faces. Harrouff’s father says it was mental illness, but police are testing to see if he may have ingested a drug such as the synthetic street drug “Flakka.” In an exclusive interview, right before his arrest, Harrouff speaks out for the very first time from his hospital bed. What does he say caused him to go from a popular student to an accused killer?

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