If you venture into the great outdoors and worry about being attacked by an bear, or fear being bitten by a shark at the beach, the US Centers for Disease Control has some comforting and surprising statistics.

According to a compilation of CDC data by wideopencountry.com, the animal encounter most likely to kill you in the US is a vehicle collision with a deer. There are an average of 120 such deaths annually in the US.

Deer strikes are followed by allergic encounters with stinging insects like yellow jackets as the most likely animal encounters resulting in a human death in the U.S. These risks are followed by dog attacks, tramplings and bites by domestic animals like horses and cattle. Only then do encounters with animals like bears, alligators, sharks and venomous snakes.

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According to the statistics, residents of the D.C. region have a less than 1 in 6 million chance of dying in an animal encounter.

Marylanders stand a higher chance than the national average of dying in a stinging insect attack. In Virginia, more people than the national average die from dog bites, according to the website’s analysis of CDC data.