When we last checked in on Tian Tian, one of the giant pandas at the National Zoo, he was rolling around in the snow Saturday morning as the blizzard of 2016 continued to drop a historic amount of snow on the D.C. area. 

Well the storm may have stopped, but there's still plenty of snow for the suddenly famous panda to roll around in. Two days after a video of him playing in the snow went viral, the zoo has released another video of Tian Tian having fun in the snow. 

Sadly, we won't be able to see Tian Tian playing in the snow with our own eyes just yet. The zoo will remain closed Tuesday as crews work to clear out the snow for visitors. 

Until then, you'll just have to settle for the many photos and videos the zoo is posting. 

No word on if this video has anything to do with the army of Tian Tian imposters that have popped up after his original video. 

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