This year World Productivity Day lands on a Tuesday—one of the least enjoyed days of the week. But never fear, we've compiled a list of tips to make your day less painful and more productive.

Redevelop your calendar

Experts agree that planning out your days ahead of time immediately increases productivity. By planning out your schedule, there's more time for preparation and yourself.


Meditation clears minds and helps regain a sense of focus. Relaxation and focus on a single task limits stress and increases efficiency. At work? Check out these desk-friendly meditation tutorials.

Learn to let go

As much as we'd like to, we'll never be able to get everything done on our to-do list and maintain our sanity. Once we come to terms with the fact that we're not invincible, tackling work seems that much easier.

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Manage your time

Research has shown that employees who attempt to work for eight hours straight accomplish less than those who work in spurts of an hour or less. When you spend an hour dedicated to work and a designate a break, workers are less likely to give in to distractions in that hour.