More than 20 cats are closer to finding their forever homes thanks to one Virginia family.

Samantha Kusina came into the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA and sponsored the adoption fees for 25 cats for the Feline Fourth Adoption Special.

Baylise, Babes, Flora, Lucille, Chester, Jess, Peggy, Sharpie, Georgette, Lil Girl, Lilly, Calamari, India, Mia, Tigger, Caleb, Ms. Demeanor, Marsden, Coco, Wasabi, Sassy, Merlot, Nebula and Aloha had their adoption fees waived for the duration of the event.

"Some have been there so long, they deserve a home," said Kusina, of Fredericksburg." Doesn't take much to love a cat."

Kusina, who owns a 12-year-old rescue cat and a 10-month-old rescue dog, said she paid for the fees of the oldest cats in the shelter and for the cats with KIV -- Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus is not transferrable to people, dogs or other animals -- besides cats, the SPCA explains. The virus can be transmitted from deep bite wounds, cat to cat, but with proper care the cats live normal lives.

The adoption fees are $4 through Sunday, July 9 for any cats in the shelter.

See the cats and dogs up for adoption:

Dalia Salah, the deputy director of the shelter, said the shelter takes in animals throughout the region, even rescuing some from high-kill shelters.

Of the 204 animals they are caring for, 120 are cats or kittens, Salah said. Since the promotion began, 18 cats have found new homes.

The shelter relies on donations, fosters and volunteers to help care for the animals.

If you're interested in adopting a cat this weekend, the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA is located at 10819 Courthouse Road.

If you'd like to foster, you can find out more about their program here.

To donate to the shelter, check out their Amazon wish list here.