We all love our pets, but if you're on a quest to enjoy a lush, green lawn this summer, sometimes our pups, well, business, can get in the way.

Dogs' urine naturally has a high concentration of nitrogen in it, which can be detrimental to lawn grasses, causing pesky yellow spots.

Perhaps you try to keep your dog well hydrated, or rinse your grass quickly after Fido does his business on it in an effort to keep your lawn pristine.

But, there is an easier, much more effective way to get rid of yellow spots before they even appear on your lawn.

It's a simple trick - and my husband and I add it to our dogs' kibble a few times per week.

It's important to note, I am not a veterinarian (obviously).

I learned of this hack through an old neighbor a few years ago. My dogs have gotten along just fine since then, but every pup is different.

Therefore, it may be wise to double check with your veterinarian before giving any kind of supplement to your pet, especially if they have a sensitive system.

The secret is... cranberry.

There are many varieties, but any type of cranberry supplement made for dogs (again, best to check with your vet before trying one out) should work.

We use these cranberry pellets which can be purchased easily online or in a pet store. We've found they drastically reduce the pH and extra nitrogen in dogs' urine, therefore nearly eliminating all those yellow, dead spots of grass in our lawn.


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