If there was any doubt a fat cat found the most purrfect forever family possible—these wedding shoot photos should convince you.

Symba “The fatty tabby” went virus this summer after the Humane Rescue Alliance in D.C. shared photos saying he was the biggest cat they’d ever seen—and was in desperate need for a loving home.

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The 35-pound cat filled our hearts with more love and fur than we ever thought we needed. And clearly, his owners love him that much more.

Symba—now named Vito—was the star in his fur parents’ wedding day photos.

Here he is sprawled out on a bed (one of his favorite spots, of course) between the newlyweds, Kiah and Peter, unashamed to share his big belly with the world.

“I have always just really, really loved fat animals,” Kiah told WUSA9 the moment she welcomed the 35-pound bundle of joy into her arms for the first time back in June.

Now, here she is with the tubby tabby and the other love of her life on their special day. A photo shows the couple in a Symba sandwich of sorts, each kissing his cheeks. Symba stared straight ahead a typical cat look of “please don’t” on his face.

“He really did hit the jackpot,” the HRA wrote on Facebook.

We think so, too.