A Fairfax family had looked everywhere, but Banx the dog was nowhere to be found. Then they heard something coming from under the deck.

According to a report from the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, a resident of Fairfax County the fire department on June 1 for assistance. They reported their dog, a pointer weighing 60 pounds, was trapped under their deck.

Firefighters reported to the location and investigated. The deck was less than 3 inches off the ground with gravel placed to the base of the deck. Crews found no evidence of the dog or of any gravel being disturbed under the deck.

Crews searched the rest of the home, but nothing was found. They then, with the home owner’s permission, removed the deck boards to search under the deck.

Again, nothing found. Until one of the firefighters heard a small whine from under the house.

Firefighters removed additional deck boards to gain access to the foundation, against the portion of the deck with a slab foundation. After several buckets of gravel were removed he dog’s tail and then foot could be felt. The firefighters were eventually able to remove enough gravel to free the dog from under the home, according to the report.

The dog had been trapped under the home for two days, dehydrated and bruised but in good shape despite the long stay under his home.

Firefighters guessed the dog went in after a small animal hiding under the deck. In the process, Banx was then wedged in and stuck in the gravel.

Fairfax County Animal control evaluated and returned him in good health, a tail-wagging ending for Banx the dog, and his family.