WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Hello there! My name is Bunce, and I'm a service dog in training. I'm spending two years with WUSA9 reporter Andrea McCarren. Thanks so much for stopping by my puppy blog.

You can read about my adventures with Andrea here.

October 16 - 4 a.m.

What an exciting week it has been and our weekend is jam-packed too! On Saturday, Andrea is honored to be emceeing the Warrior Canine Connection graduation ceremony! 14 new teams of service dogs and wounded warriors will be celebrated (including my Dad, Stanley) and we couldn’t be more proud! I won’t be attending the graduation, but will be waiting with some other service dogs in training to join Andrea at the reception afterwards.

Then, Andrea and I agreed to help out our news team by working on Saturday night. So, we’ll go straight from the graduation to our news assignment! And then, I will get Andrea up early on Sunday morning, because she’ll be a guest on the Fox News program ‪#‎MediaBuzz‬ to talk about the media’s handling of the Democratic debate. She wanted to know what YOU thought, so I promised I would ask.

Have a great weekend. Until next time, enjoy the photos!

October 15 - 5 a.m.

It’s been quite a week! First, hanging out with Alex Ovechkin at the rink and then yesterday, chilling in a recording studio with Roger Waters, the creative genius behind Pink Floyd. In preparation for our interview, Andrea and I listened to The Wall about a zillion times. (Perfect for TBT, right?!)

The greatest part of the day was meeting so many wounded warriors. I gave out a ton of kisses and chin nibbles. These heroes are all part of a group called Musicorps, which teaches them how to play musical instruments or sometimes, re-learn them. Most started at Walter Reed with their recovery and now are living somewhere else. Their music is amazing. Musicorps will be performing at DAR Hall in DC on Friday night. Andrea and I would love to go, but we’re already committed to the USO Stars & Stripes event in Virginia…

Have a fantastic Thursday! We’re so excited that Flat Bunces are already circulating! Will start to post photos as soon as we find the time.

October 14 - 5 a.m.

Since you can never get too much of Bunce and Ovi, here are some outtakes of my visit to the locker room and my first time on ice! As one hockey player said, “It’s like a giant snow cone without the flavor!”

Have a great Wednesday!

October 13 - 5 a.m.

Let’s face it. Yesterday was a big day… for Alex Ovechkin AND me. Sure, he’s a superstar hockey player for the Washington Capitals and I’m a superstar in training for a wounded warrior. But, get this—he’s a DOG PERSON! The guy owns FIVE German Shepherds, so we hit it off right away. I even enjoyed some “guy time” in the locker room with Ovi (as his friends and I call him). I’m really looking forward to ‘Rocking the Red’ this season!

As Andrea often says, she cares just as much about what Washington’s star athletes do off the field, off the court and in this case, off the ice. And the PR staff for the team could not have been kinder to me! Andrea and I are SO grateful to have the opportunity to watch as Ovi taught and cheered on children with autism. She calls him “a class act.”

Kind of tough to top all that excitement, but I do have some more photos with my colleagues to share! Have a great Tuesday!

October 12 - 5 a.m.

Happy, happy Monday! Hope you all had a magnificent weekend.

Andrea and I were very touched the other day. We were doing interviews with random people in a parking lot. (I make life much easier for Andrea and whichever photojournalist with whom we are working by “breaking the ice” and attracting potential interviewees.) So I catch the eye of a gentleman and as Andrea walks up, she explains my mission, not realizing her colleague was not very close by. The man immediately reaches into his pocket and grabs a wad of bills—offering them to Andrea. She was taken aback and asked, “What’s this for?” and he said, “To help you raise your service dog.” We both thought that was incredibly sweet, but of course, could not accept it. Instead, the man gave us a great interview!

If you’re among the newer followers of my blog, you may have missed it when I researched the meaning of my name, Bunce. It means: “unexpected gain, gravy, bonus, unexpected luck.”
But it’s still baffling to some of Andrea’s international friends. One calls me Bounce. Another calls me Bunch and yet another keeps asking in Spanish what my name means. When Andrea explained that I am named for Marine Cpl. Justin Bunce, he responded, “Bunce. Like James Bunce?” And he turned to us sideways and made two finger pistols pointed to the sky.

Have a great day!

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