WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. - Raynard Nebbitt didn't see it coming. But his family and friends? They were in on the surprise. So were hundreds of other people.

"The St. Louis community, really," Raynard's sister and caretaker, Kathy Nebbitt, said. "It wasn't just Webster Groves."

Kathy describes her brother's birthday gift as a miracle.

Here is the backstory: for decades, Raynard and Kathy lived together in Webster Groves. Nearly every day, Raynard would leave their home to stand on a bridge over I-44 that has been named the Raynard Nebbitt Crossing. There, he would smile and wave at drivers.

However, two years ago, Kathy got sick. She moved into a nursing home in University City and Raynard moved to South St. Louis. Still, he would find his way back to the bridge in Webster Groves.

"Rain, snow, nothing stopped him," Kathy said.

From now on, his commute will be much shorter. That's because, over the summer, Kathy's health improved. On top of that, a stranger raised more than $34,000 for her and Raynard to move into a rental home back in Webster Groves.

"Yeah, it's my house," Raynard said. "Thank you."

The siblings are expecting furniture to arrive this weekend, but they could use some other things for their new home, including a microwave, toaster, pots, pans, silverware, and drapes. They would also like someone with skills to build a wheelchair ramp for Kathy to donate their time, along with lumber and concrete. If you can help, call 314-223-0450.