You can only leave a burger battle two ways -- disgusted or amazed.

At Z-Burger Tenleytown Monday, contestants gathered outside to kick off Independence Day with its eighth annual Independence Burger Eating Championship. Fourteen contestants from around the country ate as many burgers as they could in ten minutes.

Among the contestants, back to defend her title, was Molly Schuyler. Schuyler is the #1 ranked competitive eater in the world. She won the championship in 2016 eating 28 burgers in 10 minutes.

Contestants lined up at four tables with each of their own platters of burgers. They had one minute to unwrap burgers and prep their stations, and then ten minutes to eat as many burgers as they could.

Some contestants stood, while others sat with their burgers and water. David "Tiger Wings and Things" Burnelli, runner up of this year's Wing Bowl with 386 wings, alternated between chunks of burger and sips of water as his strategy.

Charlie Jones, a DC resident and former American University basketball player, represented the DC area with four burgers, with the host playfully teasing him throughout the event.

But winning or losing, all contestants managed to eat their respective burgers without throwing up their food.

Schuyler, the defending champion, kept her cool with a solid 21 burger win. Winners received cash prizes, and runners-up will receive cash or money allotted to spend for Z-Burgers.