Thanksgiving will be here any day now, and if you are the hosting home, the pressure is on to create the perfect Thanksgiving spread. Most people like to take a fast for most of the day, making sure that their bellies are completely empty so that they can indulge in the glorious feast. However, snacking before the main course is advised and should become more common. Instead of snacking on the regular chips and dip, try this recipe for Collard Green Wontons. It's a fusion of Wontons, Collard Greens and Turkey sausage courtesy of Chef Razia Sabour of Fuller Food Catering!

Collard Green Wontons


Collard Greens

Turkey Sausage

Wonton Wrappers

Hot Sauce

Peanut Oil (or frying oil of choice)


-Cook collard greens to desired texture/ flavor

-Sauté sausage (turkey, beef or pork)

-Place thinly cut sausage and 1/3 tsp Collards in center of wonton and pinch all sides together by lining the edges with water and removing all air.

-Prep all wontons with Collards and Sausage prior to frying.

-Heat fryer to medium high heat with peanut oil or desired frying oil.

-Place wontons in fryer a few at a time, turning periodically to allow wontons to brown evenly.

-Once lightly browned, roughly 30secs cooking time, remove from fryer, place on drying rack, enjoy.

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