BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Raising a newborn baby is no easy job. For a 20-year-old Bucksport mom, Jennifer Allard, it's three times the work.

This Sunday will be the first time Allard celebrates Mother's day as a mom herself. In January she and her husband Randy, 23, had rare identical triplets: Caleb, Isaac, and Wyatt.

To put that into perspective, there's a one in 200,000,000 chance of this actually happening. In other words, you have a better chance of becoming a movie star.

While the joy of new parenthood is still fresh for the family, the transition has been challenging. Allard says many nights she only gets an hour or two of sleep, especially because Randy travels during the week for work.

"It sucks that he has to be away for work, but he has to do it," Allard said, "when he comes home he does step up."

Despite the adjustment that comes with being a new mom, Allard added that it is all worth it.

"It's crazy! How did I get these rare babies."

Despite the fact that Jennifer Allard's mother is a twin, experts say triplets do not run in families.