More than 20 centenarians were celebrated at The Fairfax Tuesday afternoon. The Fairfax is a retirement community in Northern Virginia, and also home to several of the area's citizens who are more than 100 years old.

Some believe these are the people who hold the key to a question so many people want the answer to – how do you live a long and healthy life? Some of the centenarians shared their secrets with WUSA9.

"I think the secret is hard work and also the pleasure you get from helping people. Be very loyal to friends as well as family, which is the goal of our lifetime, I would think," said Joe Lucchi, who is getting ready to celebrate his 103rd birthday.

PHOTOS: Centenarians celebrated in Va.

Others just wanted to take the opportunity to share advice with younger people.

"Don't always think of yourself, think of others. Think of what you can do for somebody to make their life a little easier," said Vera Punke, who just turned 102 years old.

And so you know, not everyone thinks there is a secret.

"I think it's just dumb luck," said Phyllis Atkinson, who just turned 100.