The National Zoo is giving us cuteness we didn’t know we needed in the form of two screaming hairy armadillo pups. They’re the first ever born at D.C.’s zoo.

Like their name suggests, the little guys (or girls, or both—it’s too soon to tell) will grow up to be hairier than your typical armadillo. So far, they just have little baby hairs on their body armor-like “plates.”

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As far as the “screaming” part of their name, they’re not doing that just yet. The armadillos make the squealing noise whenever they feel threatened. These little ones haven’t even opened their eyes yet.

The screaming hairy armadillos won’t grow to be as big as you might imagine. They’ll weigh in at about 2 pounds when fully grown. The two pups at the National Zoo are just a few weeks old. At their last weigh-in, they were about 5 ounces each—similar to the weight of a baseball.

The pups’ parents are Amber and Dylan Walter (yes, that’s really their names). They’re first-time parents. Visitors will be able to see their little ones at the Zoo once they’ve grown a little larger and have gotten used to their home.