The world has their eyes on New York giraffe April as she's due to give birth to her fourth calf any time now.

Animal Adventures Park has been live streaming her time in her pen has her mate, Oliver, looks on from the pen next to her.

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If there's one thing that April's pending delivery has done is to make just about everyone a little more curious about not only giraffes, but the specifics of giraffe births. So here's some interesting facts that can make watching April's experience a little more intriguing.

  1. Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months.
  2. At birth, the front hooves come out first followed by the snout.
  3. Giraffes give birth standing up, causing the calf to fall a few feet to the ground.
  4. Calves are six feet tall at birth.
  5. Once a giraffe's water breaks, theres a few moments of pacing then the front hooves begin to appear.
  6. A giraffe's birthing lasts on average 20-30 minutes.
  7. The giraffe will spend the first few minutes licking her calf clean and encouraging it to stand.
  8. Within 10 minutes the calf is able to stand and even walk.
  9. Within 30 minutes the calf is able to run.
  10. Calves nurse only from their mothers for about 4 months until they can begin eating solid foods (leaves).