Lucien Bell, a third grade student at John Eaton Elementary School, can be described as an enthusiastic eight-year-old with an infectious smile and dreams of becoming an artist.

Thursday morning, he was all smiles as he showed WUSA9 his creation.

Bell is one 53 students across the country named a finalist in the "Doodle 4 Google" competition, in which kids are asked to create a design for Google's homepage. The top selection will not only get their design on the website for a day, but they will also receive a $30,000 scholarship, and their school will get a $50,000 award toward technology. Of the 53 finalists, five will be selected to go on a trip to Google Headquarters.

To decide which students proceed to the final five, there is an online vote, open to the public.

"It's nice..." laughed Lucien, who was a man of few words. "I feel happy."

This year, the theme for the competition was "What I see for the future." Bell decided to focus on E-Waste, and so he turned an old DVR into the design.

"We need to recycle more," he said. "And we had this old DVR around."

For the Maryland finalist, the judges selected 6th-grader Thomas Perkins, from Smithsburg. He created a futuristic design, bringing the viewer to the year 2099, where you can "spend Christmas with friends on Mars," or "go hiking on the Moon."

Meanwhile in Virginia, 11th grader Bailey Wilson of Culpepper was selected. His drawing was of various people of different backgrounds coming together. The words love, respect, strength, unity and peace surrounded them. On the "Doodle4Google" website, the drawing called for a world where "hatred and negativeity ceased to exist."

Bells father, Joshua, said that he was very proud to see his son named a finalist.

"I think what's great about the contest," he said. "Is that they're asking kids to think about their future. And all of the designs are really incredibly inventive and different."

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