The much anticipated September premiere of 'Young Sheldon' was such a hit, but quite the teaser as well. We had to wait over a month until the next episode!

The good news is… that wait is over.

'Young Sheldon' returns to the primetime CBS lineup November 2nd at its new time, Thursdays at 8:30 (following The Big Bang Theory of course)

Great Day Washington’s Kristen Berset-Harris spoke with two stars of the show, Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon Cooper) and Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mom)

Armitage says the buzz around the series has been building since the pilot aired.

“It has been pretty fun. We have been doing some filming. I’ve been excited. I love the pilot. I’m so excited about it, and I’m surprised I did that well. I was expecting me to be terrible.”

Armitage, of course, is being humble, but Zoe Perry, who plays his mom, Mary, chimes in to remind everyone how talented her TV son really is.

“Oh, it’s impossible for him to be terrible.”

You can see the chemistry these two have built so quickly into the first season and Perry says she’s feels blessed to be a part of this new chapter.

“It’s been surreal. I feel so lucky to be in this position, number one, and play such a fun part. It’s been a dream. “

Zoe Perry plays a younger version of Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mom. A role originated by her real-life mom, Laurie Metcalfe, in “The Big Bang Theory”.

When you compare the two, it’s easy to see. The voice and mannerisms are identical.

Perry jokes, “Genetics worked well for me in that part. [I’ve been studying] since birth!”