Working out when you're older can be a tough thing to accomplish. An important thing to keep in mind is combining exercise of your mental AND physical health. Exercises that hit both of these are perfect for women over 40.

1. Standing exercises

Utilizing the furniture around you can help you maximize your workout! Try standing up by the chair you are in and doing standing pushups! These are much easier than regular pushups, but still give you the ability to tone your arms!

2. Seated exercises

Take a chair, grab a medicine ball, and sit up straight in the chair. Holding the medicine ball out in front of you, march your legs up and down. This will be a good toner for your arms and legs at the same time! Add variations of marching and lifting up the ball to get the most out of your workout!

Thanks to the Prime Time Sister Circles for these great ideas! To sign up for their free classes, visit their website here!

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