The D.C. heat can be uncomfortable, but it can more importantly be dangerous. Staying out in the hot sun can be very harmful, and is the number one cause of skin cancer. Taking precautions and understanding more about the heat will help you and your family stay safe this summer!

1. Always apply SPF 15 or higher whenever you are outside for an extended period of time. People often burn without even feeling it.

2. The Sun Safety Alliance (SSA) recommends SPF 30 or higher for children.

3. Even if you are wearing a high SPF (50+), never stay out in the sun for too long. Although your skin may not burn, it could be damaged. Be safe and make sure to take shade whenever possible.

4. Sunglasses and wide brimmed hats are a great help in protecting your face and head from burning.

5. Always reapply your sunscreen after swimming or perspiring.

6. Be aware that the sun is at its strongest between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm.

7. For makeup wearers, find a foundation that has SPF included. This will protect your face from burning while looking great!

8. Avoid tanning beds! The beds over expose you to UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

9. Check your skin consistently to make sure there is no odd discoloration or growths.

10. Wearing long sleeve and protective clothing when you're outside can shade your skin from the sun.

With these tips in mind, go out and enjoy the beautiful weather! Check out these local pools where you can swim, drink, and relax in the sun!

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