Back to school means back to sports for a lot of kids. Unfortunately with that comes the threat of concussions. Luckily there have been many advances in concussion management and treatment according to Melissa N. Womble, PHD and Director of Concussion for Inova Sports Medicine.

Prior to the start of the season it’s important for athletes to undergo baseline screenings where their balance and motor skills are tested. If an athlete sustains what appears to be a concussion, the same tests are performed and the data is compared. Concussion symptoms can still arise 72 hours later, so keeping an eye on the student is key. Certain risk factors, such as dizziness or post-traumatic migraines, can lead to increased injury or a protracted recovery.

Medical professionals used to recommend time away from school post-concussion. It’s now suggested that students get back to their schedule with light activity, but make sure they get plenty of rest. Your child can in fact sustain multiple concussions and still play their preferred sport as long as they allow themselves time to recover. Certain kids are simply more susceptible to concussions, and some will take longer to recover. But if these steps from Inova are followed, there’s no reason your child can’t enjoy the school year on his or her favorite sports team.

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