Looking to replace any floors in your home? There are so many gorgeous options.

1. Bamboo. While bamboo is technically a grass, it's considered wood due to its hardness. This trendy version of hardwood is quickly becoming as popular as its more traditional counterparts; such as oak and walnut. Those who are environmentally-conscious love that it grows rapidly, and won't deplete our resources. Practical types love that it's just as hard as oak, and can stand the test of time.

bamboo hardwood floor

2. Wide Planks. Whether in hardwood or vinyl, wide planks are desirable for the unique, casual look they give a home. It allows the natural grain to more distinctly stand out. With wide planks you can show off the knots and other signature details that give the room that added charm.

Wide planks show off the details of the flooring. 

3. Carpet Patterns. For those who prefer carpet in certain rooms, patterns add an interesting look. They can also minimize the appearance of vacuum marks and even some stains. Carpet technology in general has come very far. Long gone are the days when a spilled glass of wine meant you'd have to rearrange your furniture to cover the stain. Enjoy your Merlot gullt-free in your carpeted living room!

Carpet patterns add style and texture.

4. Luxury Vinyl. This flooring material reflects the look of natural stone and ceramic tile, but is more durable. Stone or ceramic tile can seem cold, but luxury vinyl is comfortable for every day living. State of the art technology is used to create the look; giving your room vibrancy and texture.

Luxury vinyl looks like stone or ceramic tile, but is far more durable. 

5. Laminate. Both beautiful and durable, laminate is the best of both worlds. It gives the look of hardwood, but is often more affordable and easy to clean. It's resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, so don't worry about dropping that can opener on your kitchen floor. It won't leave a mark.

Laminate flooring mimics the appearnce of hardwood.

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