The holidays are a hard time to be single with family pressure, work parties and more, but relationship expert Hilary Silver has these top four tips to help you survive the holidays solo.

1. Do what YOU want

Silver says don't go to a party if you don't want to, even if your friends and family are pressuring you to, just say no.


Be your own best friend forever, if you're really stressed during the holiday season don't eat it away, don't drink it away, don't shop it away! Silver says ask yourself, "what would you do for your best friend?" and do that, for yourself.

3. Set boundaries

Set boundaries with your well intentioned but probably over-the-top family and friends. Silver suggests to make relationship questions off limits if you are not ready to talk about it.

4. Future pacing

Silver says to really take the time to think about what you want, have a vision for it and then plan your life around it.

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