DC is known for it's magnificent food filled with restaurants of varying cultures. During the DC Restaurant Week from August 14th - 20th, you can travel the world through restaurants. Take a trip to Japan with many delicious sushi restaurants, or pretend that you are walking the streets of Barcelona with a visit to one of DC's many Spanish restaurants! There's a lot to choose from, and SO much good food to try, so here is a compiled list of the TOP TEN absolute go-to restaurants for DC Restaurant Week.

10. Metièr

French food isn't all about crèpes and croissants. At Metièr, you can expect to-die-for traditional French cuisine. Have you heard of "foie grase" but have no idea what it is or how to pronounce it? You can finally try it at Metier with their grilled duck foi grase. Oui Oui!

9. All-Purpose

Spoiler: Foie grase is delicious, but expensive. If that's not your thing, you can check out this delicious pizza restaurant to get your fix! The All-Purpose pizzeria offers mouth-watering brick oven pizzas, along with Italian antipasti, sandwiches, and wait for it, wine straight from ITALY! Don't fret if all your friends have gone to the Amalfi Coast but you, because drinking this Italian wine is just as good.


7. The Partisan

You're probably asking, "Where are all the brunch places?" because brunch is the cool new Instagram obsessed meal. It's even cooler than me, but that's probably because I have never posted a brunch photo! At The Partisan, they serve some delicious, and beautiful, brunch dishes. From traditional pancakes for diner lovers, to steak frites (Woah! Is that what people eat at brunch?) and even a kale dish for the Whole Foods people (Maybe Jeff Besos can stop by!)

6. Kogiya

Don't trust anyone to cook for you? No worries, because at Korean BBQ restaurants like Kogiya, YOU can do the cooking! Although I don't even trust myself near an oven, some people love to be able to cook their meat to exactly how they like it! At Kogiya, you choose from a variety of meats like rib eye or pork belly, they'll bring out the fire grill, and you can make your own dinner! Of course, there are 4 words that make any restaurant visit 10x better: All You Can Eat. During their lunch hours, they offer an all you can eat buffet for $21!

5. Arroz

First of all, how can you NOT trust a restaurant with a name that literally means "rice." Arroz is the place to be for your traditional Spanish cuisine. If you've never tasted chicken a la pancha, you are missing out. It can be served many different ways, but at Arroz, their chicken has lemon, olives, and fried almonds. This dish is included on their special DC Restaurant Week menu so don't miss out!

4. Heritage India

Have you been wandering around DC searching for Heritage India since it moved? Stop wandering because it relocated to Wisconsin Avenue and it is better than ever! They have mastered traditional Indian foods like samosas, chaat, and tandoori. Come for the scrumptious food, and stay for the heartwarming atmosphere. My go-to meal is their chicken tikka masala, and say Caroline sent you! (They won't know me but you can try).

3. Compass Rose

If you are overwhelmed with all of the different options and just can't choose one type of food, have no fear, because Compass Rose is here. They serve traditional meals from all over the world! When I mean all over the world, I mean it. You can "visit" around 18 different countries, from Tunisia, to Greece, to Malaysia, and even a few states down to Georgia!

2. The Hamilton

If you're a tourist reading this, hello and welcome to DC. The Hamilton is a favorite amongst locals and tourists, which is rare! After your obligatory walk around the National Mall, check out The Hamilton just a few blocks away! This huge restaurant offers live music, appetizing meals, and the happiest of happy hours. They have traditional American dishes, because Alexander Hamilton of course! You can also enjoy their special sushi lunch where their rolls are half off!

1. Iron Gate

It's a scientifically proven fact that you can never eat enough Italian food. At Iron Gate, their menu is long and has alluring words like "focaccia", "gnocchi" and "ricotta" that you can't NOT order everything. There are a lot of exquisite dishes so if you don't want to choose just one, opt for the Chef's Tasting!

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