Before you start searching for the perfect home, you need to find the best team. The Real Deal in Real Estate Pros have tips to guide you.

  1. Cheaper doesn't mean better. House hunting can be expensive. But there are certain areas where penny pinching is not wise. Beware of realtors too eager to lower their commission. Often times they will not work as persistently for you.
  2. Look for a full time real estate agent. For a lot of people, real estate is a hobby and something to do on the side. Follow these aficionados on social media, but don't go to them for your transaction. You want an agent who works full time, and has countless connections and a vast wealth of knowledge.
  3. The lowest interest rate does not equal the best loan. If you get a bad mortgage loan, this can prolong or prevent closing. Find a lender who will get the best deal that allows you to close on your dream home without any problems.

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