Think you have to wait until spring to buy or sell your home? Don't believe this myth. The Real Deal in Real Estate Pros have tips for the holidays.

  1. Avoid the busy season. One reason you don't want to wait until spring to buy or sell is because that's when everyone else is doing it. Inventory increases in the spring, and sellers have more competition. List your home now when there's less competition and more motivated buyers.
  2. Buy before interest rates rise. Within the next few months, there's expected to be an interest rate hike. This will cause mortgage rates to increase. If you close before that, you can expect a better deal.
  3. Holiday decorations motivate buyers. When selling your home, de-cluttering is key. Professional staging can make your home presentable. For the holidays, you'll want to create a cozy ambiance so buyers can envision their families celebrating there. Put up the lights and tree or menorah, and watch your house go to the top of buyers' holiday wish lists.

Happy Holidays & House Hunting!

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