The $200 first date debate has taken over social media. Some argue that $200 was not only reasonable, but actually the norm for a first date, and there were others that feel it is utterly ridiculous. Lillian Prince Mitchell, author of "10 Dates Later . . . " is part of the "others." A first date, in her opinion, is just an interview process where you'll decide if you ever want to see this person again. Imagine the fury one feels when they are two cocktails plus one $75 steak dinner into the date and suddenly realize that they absolutely detest the person sitting across from them. She put my millennial dating expertise to work and came up with three amazing dates that won't break the bank!

1.) A free museum - Washington DC has tons of them! From the Smithsonian to the newly opened African American History Museum to the National Gallery of Art, there are tons of options, right here in the Nation’s Capital. Whether you’re into history, photography or just the arts in general, there’s a museum for you. And if you check out the National Gallery of Art on Friday evenings, you can enjoy Jazz in the Garden which is a free jazz concert, and the café there also sells food ranging between $8 and $15 — your $50 will go a long way.

2) A picnic! We have some beautiful parks here in DC including Meridian Hill park right in NW, Washington DC or if you’re not in DC and want to find something closer to home, do a simple google search for parks in your local area and go set up shop. Fellas, this is the perfect opportunity to show the ladies how thoughtful you are that you’ve been listening. If she’s mentioned her favorite snacks and wine, you can bring those along with some delicious sandwiches, a nice blanket that you already have at home, and have an amazing first date. You’ll get tons of points for remembering what she likes and having it all right there for her…under 50 bucks!!

3) Pedal Boats at the Tidal Basin: This is a nice way to incorporate some team work into the first date and see how well you can work together all while getting to know the person. Most places will run you around $20 an hour. I would probably only do that for an hour and then you and your date can hop out of the boats, and head down to the Waterfront and get some delicious ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee--- and there, you’ve had the perfect first date and you are still under your $50 budget!

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