It’s National Grilled Cheese Day – honestly one of our favorite holidays of the year. To celebrate, the members of the Great Day team explained their preferences on the classic, whether or not they’re the ones making it or not.

Chris Leary: “I’m not alone in saying I love cheese and bread. However, it’s possible to combine the two and come out with a … less than tasty result. Much like wine, I didn’t like grilled cheese sandwiches before I was introduced to one that was done the right way. In this case, with the right ingredients. I’ll stay away from the thin white bread with single wrapped, lunchbox sliced cheese. Now, it’s on to thick bread (well buttered before grilling) and brie cheese in the center. Adding some gravy wouldn’t hurt.”

Meaghan Mooney: “The only time I eat a grilled cheese, is when there’s hamburger sandwiched between!”

Markette Sheppard & Thomas James (our traditionalists): “I haven’t made grilled cheese in years, but when I do it’s a slice or two of Kraft American in the oven. Simple and easy.” –Tj

“Don’t mess with a classic: butter, American cheese, white or wheat sandwich bread, and a crisp dill pickle on the side. No frills.” –Markette

Wendy Bailey: “2 slices of white or wheat bread (wheat if my kids aren’t paying attention – if they are, they prefer white on their grilled cheese). Butter on both sides and 2 slices of white American cheese!! (And I only ever use white American – never yellow!)

Dave Scarnato: “It’s all about flavoring the butter for the bread, along with the cheese selection. What I’ll do is put some garlic powder in the butter spread to season the sandwich. Then, I’ll use three different types of cheese. Usually a cheddar, a provolone and maybe a feta, but mostly American as my third choice. Grill it until crispy golden brown and serve with a nice bowl of creamy tomato soup (Trader Joe’s organic tomato is awesome).

Renee Peace-Carr: “As a French major & serious Francophile, my favorite type of grilled cheese sandwich is the classic ‘Croque Monsieur’ literally translated as ‘crunch sir.’ Made with French ham and Gruyere cheese, the bread is brushed with butter, and the sandwich is cooked on a griddle or toasted under a broiler so that the cheese almost liquefies and the bits of ham and cheese hanging out the side fall limp and caramelize . . . c’est vraiment magnifique!”

Blair Wheeler: “I’m a fan of the classic grilled cheese with honey wheat bread, buttered on both sides using Kraft cheese singles. Grilled to perfection in a pan (preferably using a gas range oven). Must be cut diagonally, not down the middle.”

Nayada Cowherd: “I love grilled cheese sandwiches but only if they are made the proper way! A nice doughy bread, like sourdough or ciabatta or even a farm white. I use olive oil, sea salt and herbs in the pan but the inside needs to be buttered. Put both slices in the heated cast iron skillet and then pile AT LEAST 3 types of grated cheeses (it melts the best) mixed with some herbs on each slice. My favs are Havarti, Fontina, Gouda, Gruyère or good ole Cheddar. Cover for a few minutes (until cheeses melt) and then meld the two cheesy sides together. Bonus: If some of the cheese grills on the outside of the bread. #cheeseheaven!!!”

Madeline Cuddihy: “The best grilled cheese I've ever had was made by my mom: Sourdough bread, pepper jack cheese, bacon and avocado. Anything’s better when it’s mom-made.”

Wesley Young: “Cheese preferences aside, it all comes down to whatever else you add in your sandwich. I always go for some slices of tomato and bacon. And of course served with a bowl of tomato soup – is it just Dave and I on this!?”

How about you? How is a grilled cheese best enjoyed in your house? Let us know on Twitter @greatdaywash!

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