Many people are overwhelmed at the thought of buying property. But as Realtor Lynne Holland stresses, home ownership is easier than it seems. Not only is it attainable, it's fiscally smart. Here are the 5 best reasons to own your home.

  1. It's a great way to invest your money. Do you feel like you're throwing your money away every month you write your rent check? You're not entirely wrong. Owning a home is a great way to invest your hard-earned money in something tangible. Houses typically increase in value over the years. And mortgages are set at a fixed rate; as opposed to most rents that increase annually.
  2. No more shady landlords. And the same goes for difficult apartment management. Ever have something break down in your apartment, and the landlord took forever to repair it? You can get this fixed in your own home on your terms.
  3. Freedom to do what you want. Want to paint your walls a particular color? You don't have to ask permission or worry about losing your deposit. Get all the fixtures of your dreams and make your home truly your own.
  4. Say hello to tax deductions. That interest and property tax you pay? It's a tax deduction. This reduces the amount of your income that's subject to tax, and saves you money each year.
  5. A sense of pride and community. There's a feeling of accomplishment that comes with owning your home. It also draws you closer to your neighborhood, and helps build camaraderie.

When you're ready to buy your home, you need a great team to guide you through the process. The "Doc" Holland Team offers seminars on home ownership, and informs clients on various grants. Make your dream home your real home.

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