Now is the perfect time to go through those old purses gathering dust in the back of your closet and start fresh before the fall! Local designer from Maryland, Lauren McVey of Purceval shares some of her 3 favorite bags that every woman needs in her work wardrobe:

1. The Kendra tote

Reliable, sturdy and the perfect "let's throw the whole day in here" bag - The Kendra tote is chic and made of suede and leather with shoulder strap and hand strap option. A must have for any woman-on-the-go!

2. The Devon

The essential crossbody and clutch combo bag that is a must-have for the busy commuter! Keep all your essentials close by in this gorgeous asymmetrical leather bag that holds all the essentials you need to make it on the metro!

3. The Tulip

The perfect twist on a bucket bag, you can store your umbrella, e-reader and so much more each in it's own cozy leather compartment. This one-of-a-king bag is not only functional, but will definitely turn heads!

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