On July 20th, 1969, America put a man on the moon. It was a monumental feat from a societal standpoint but especially from a technological standpoint. We have advanced greatly since then, but what are some serious technological advancements of the recent? Thanks to the MIT Tech Review for the information!

Reversing paralysis

Scientists are close to a breakthrough with the ability to reverse paralysis in the body. They are utilizing brain implants that help restore movement! The estimated time where their procedure can be available to all is 10-15 years.

Self-driving trucks

Companies everywhere use trucks to transport goods, services, and more. Scientists and engineers have tapped into the possibility of self-driving trucks which would take away a lot of jobs. But the question is: are computers or humans better at driving?

Facial recognition payments

Technology has greatly increased security levels especially with money. Banks rely on technology to protect their cash. In China, they have already started utilizing facial recognition to authorize payments. This can seriously increase security especially with identity and credit card theft.

A new source of energy

Solar panels are an efficient, eco-friendly source of energy, but they lack a cosmetic appeal and are limited in how much sunlight they absorb. Scientists have developed a new solar device, called hot solar cells. These are much more efficient, cosmetically and energy wise. They can absorb much more sunlight and is less expensive! The full product will be available in 10-15 years.

Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in AI technology have rapidly advanced this year. AI's are able to teach themselves things that programmers never could have taught them, all through reinforcement learning. Google's AI DeepMind just recently taught itself how to walk, run, and jump!

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